The Strangest by Jack Morrison

The module touched down gently on Martian soil. Its legs folded outward with a slight hiss as hydraulic fluid shot through internal valves, pistons moved, and the craft nestled itself on the alien landscape gently like a small bird worming its way closer to the safe heat of its mother. Everything was still then, and […]

Great Minds Think Alike by Janice Doe

The benefits of Atlas’ death were numerous; the only problem was that Atlas wasn’t dead. Cilia had met Atlas in first-year Bio, and the two of them had bonded over their nerd-dom and the class’s collective dislike of the professor. Sophomore year, they had decided to live together in a dorm suite with two other […]

The Haverfield Scare by Noah Trainor

The Ohio State Office of Transportation and Traffic Management fried chicken breast sandwich. Boom Boom sauce. Cloudy yet crisp, brown and yellow ambrosia. It was another Tuesday night and another excursion to Sloopy’s with The Grove Creative Writing Club. Between the slurps, sloops, bites, discussions, and memes, I thought to myself how excited I was […]

Sandy by Joe Flynn

Booting up… Running Func: Open Eyes… Light shines in. “Good morning, Sandy.” “Hello.” “Sandy, when someone says good morning, you say good morning back. Let’s try again. Good morning Sandy.” “Good morning.” “Good. Do you know who I am, Sandy?” “No. I don’t think I know anything yet.” “Why of course you know things. You […]

Report on Terra Nova by Nick Reineck

17th of September, Gaius Marula, Master Cartographer of the Roman Empire. We have only been on the continent for a few days and what an exciting few days they have been! Terra Nova possesses one of the most diverse ecosystems I have ever encountered, rivaling or even surpassing that of the African interior. Not an […]